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General questions about OISTR.

What is OISTR?

OISTR is an authentication company. We provide a platform to review a MSISDN prior to initiation of a transaction to secure the payment by mobile payment based on historical data and a patent pending analytics of machine learning and intelligent algorithms as best as possible in advance or to detect a possible fraud risk at an early stage.

Who is behind OISTR?

Ad Portable GmbH is a company that has been operating internationally in the direct carrier billing environment since 2011 and has always worked on fraud prevention solutions and now also offers these experiences to third parties via the API under the brand OISTR.

How can I contact you?

Ad Portable GmbH
Werner-Hartmann-Stra├če 6
01099 Dresden


phone: +49 351 87437640

Can I trust OISTR?

Of course you can trust us.
The protection and security of your personal information is our top priority. OISTR provides the platform to review a MSISDN before initiating a transaction. We try to recommend only transactions with verified numbers to the dealer. This serves to protect the phone number holder.
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How does the registration process at OISTR work?

To authenticate yourself to OISTR, send the TAN displayed in the web browser from your mobile phone to the 22100 via SMS.
Important, please always use the mobile phone number that you previously entered in the web browser. Only then we can grant a release.

How does OISTR work?

OISTR works really easy. Simply enter your phone number, receive a TAN in the web browser and send it via SMS to the 22100. After the checking, you will receive a release.

Is OISTR paid?

OISTR is free. Only the costs for the SMS depending on your contract and the contract conditions are to be beared. An SMS to the 22100 will cost you a standard SMS according to your mobile phone contract, max. 20ct.

Why was my payment rejected?

OISTR is not responsible for the execution of the transactions of third parties or is able to provide information. We see ourselves only as a mediator and protect the end customer against abuse of his mobile number in the context of fraud with third parties, and act as a kind of "infoscore" for B2B providers to check a phone number in advance of a transaction for the early detection of fraud risks or bad debt losses.

Can I cancel orders processed via OISTR?

No, that's impossible. Please contact the merchant to cancel the order. All orders are made only at the respective merchant.

Why do I have to authenticate myself?

Authentication is for your safety. The authentication allows us to ensure that only you buy through your mobile phone number and no third party abuses it.

How long does the authentication take?

The authentication takes 20 seconds.

Do I have to authenticate myself several times?

No. Your unlocked phone number is stored at OISTR and can therefore be used by all partners / merchants. If OISTR detects an irregularity in your purchasing behavior, it may lead to a renewed query or authentication. This is for the security of your mobile number.

What is 22100?

This is a so-called SMS speed dial. It makes communication easier for you and OISTR.

Why does my interface not working?

Please contact our technical support under

I have questions about my bill. Whom can I contact?

Please contact with your question.

I have technical questions about OISTR? Whom can I contact?

Please contact

Further questions?

You have any further questions? Please contact
Werner-Hartmann-Str. 6
01099 Dresden
phone: +49 351 87437 640
fax: +49 351 79625 26